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In stock: used 17" CRT (not flat screen but the older, large style) monitors. These monitors are in good working condition and at $20 you can't beat the price!
How about a complete computer system for $50? Yes, a complete system . . . these are preowned computers with the UBUNTU Linux operating system installed (it's free!). Systems include the computer, keyboard, mouse, 17" CRT monitor and the operating system cd. Click here to learn more!
 Labor charged at a flat $50 rate, no hourly or bench charges. All estimates are free. Lowest prices on the best quality hardware.

Check other computer sales/service facilities in the area, do you see any price structure listed for repairs? Wonder why? 

Virus/adware/spyware removal charged at a flat $50 rate and includes the installation of free programs that will assist you in keeping your computer cleaned up. Removal includes optimization of your drive, files and system registry.